If you clean for a living self-employed style, or if you’ve been thinking about starting-up a cleaning service, I understand that you are always on the look-out for useful information about tools, techniques, and business issues.

Choose Your Philosophy

Some large cleaning services have a constant turnover of employees and customers; they make their money on quantity~ not quality.

I take the opposite approach, by striving to provide consistently excellent service. That earns the loyalty of customers who (regardless of budget range) appreciate, and are willing to pay for, high quality.

To me, that’s the way you build a successful business: loyal customer by loyal customer.

If you want to grow a business with employees, you can duplicate that excellence: employee by employee.

Where I’m Coming From

20 years ago, I was juggling the roles of single parent and breadwinner… and I was stretched too thin. I was looking for a way to make a living that gave me more control over work schedule. I wanted to be home with my kids as much as possible. I wanted life… do-able.

The thought occurred to me: “Maybe I could clean houses for a living…”

At the time, I wasn’t a particularly gifted housekeeper, and I had no experience as a business owner; but I figured anyone could learn how to clean… right!?

the early days

the early days

I’ve worked both self-employement-style, and years as the owner/operator of an incorporated cleaning service with employees. I’ve learned a lot in both roles; lots of ‘how-to’s’, and a few ‘don’t do’s’.

A couple of years ago, I relocated to Asheville, NC. I knew only my daughter and her family when I arrived. (Darling grandchildren: what can I say?) I rebuilt my income from scratch in a few months, and my customers here are as wonderful as my customers were in Cincinnati. I’m very fortunate.

I currently work a full schedule here in Asheville; self-employed-style.

Please Chime In!

I hope you’ll always find usable information that makes your job easier,  your results better, and your earnings higher.

I’m not sponsored by any corporate interests, or paid to endorse any particular product; I just enjoy talking about what works with my house cleaning colleagues.

Please chime in to ask questions, or share with us your best tips and strategies; I’d genuinely love to hear your thoughts.

Here’s to us, and to excellence~

KateKate the Riveter


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