How a Spray Bottle Can Change Your (work) Life

blog sprayer bottles picfont 9oBdYV1433696119All workday long you are spraying surfaces. Huge swaths of square footage need to be wetted down thoroughly and evenly with cleaner: entire walls in the shower, across counter lengths, inside sinks, the microwave, etc.

The pistol grip sprayer is your best buddy, and my heartfelt advice is: spend the extra two bucks and get a good one.

I don’t really know what engineering marvels lie behind a good pistol grip sprayer, but



spray bottle nozzle


Spray bottle on beige background

A good sprayer does a better and much faster job by allowing you to spray more cleaner, more consistently and from farther away, to cover a sizable area easily.

Another important feature of a quality sprayer is the adjustable nozzle which allows you to dial it exactly where you want it for all-day spraying enjoyment.  There will be a setting that is just right for most surfaces, yet with a quick twist you can stream spray to target grout lines or adjust to a finer spray to spritz a floor while mopping, etc. Way more options than the standard two on most off-the-shelf cleaners.

Quality spray bottles (and by that I mean quality pistol grip tops) can be hard to find. I use the ‘Formula 3X High Output / Adjustable Sprayer’ I find at Walmart. At this writing I think it’s about $3. You can also visit a janitorial supply store in your town or online… they have good ones. 

I find the quart size to be just right for a day’s work, but if you feel quart-sized bottles are too cumbersome to be picking up and carrying around all day you have a couple of options. You can carry smaller bottles along with concentrated cleaner to mix more up on the spot, or leave the floor cleaner stored with the mop and carry only your general cleaner for the lion’s share of the work. It also helps to arrange your caddy with spray bottle(s) nicely centered to keep the weight balanced.

If you use more than one spray bottle, I’d strongly advise to keep them consistently color coded so that even your subconscious knows which bottle you are reaching for. My general cleaner has a green sprayer top, and my ‘glass and floor’ cleaner has a blue sprayer top. Always.

So that’s the gist of it. Find a pistol grip sprayer that is a pleasure to use and you’ll minimize hassle and maximize efficiency. You’ll never go back…


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