The Perfect Little Scrub Brush

The Perfect Little Scrub BrushI clean houses for a living so, no surprise, I carry a scrub brush.

A toothbrush, too, which is great for getting around faucets, etc., but you can’t cover a big territory with a toothbrush; it’s for small jobs. Every once in a while, you need a scrub brush.

And you would expect, since a scrub brush has only one job to do, it would do it very well, right? But my scrub brushes of old were never a pleasure to use… the way a good tool should be a pleasure to use. I bought the best I could find, with padded ergonomic handles and good bristles, but they were bulky and annoying no matter how streamlined they looked.

I mean, more than anything else, I use a scrub brush to bring aid and rescue to those poor grout lines in the well-worn corner of the shower stall. But my big scrub brushes of old, as big as a flat iron, needed to be mashed down to even touch the grout. Design flaw.

It’s like scrub brushes haven’t been updated since the days of washboards.

Then one day, in the cleaning aisle of Walmart, the clouds parted. There, hanging with the other cleaning brushes, was a little blue and white number… about the size of a manicure brush’s big brother. (Oh, now that I look at my new one, I see the label says it’s a ‘Hand and Nail Brush’~ glad they had the good sense to put it in the cleaning aisle!)

My new Scrub Brush Mini-Me is great for whisking over grout lines, and is more ergonically friendly than a big brush when scrubbing a textured tub bottom or a big flat surface. Not the drag created by a big brush, so it’s faster- and it’s just the right size to get around the drain hardware while you’re at it.

It has a darling little textured handle that is easy to grip; and my hands are on the big size.

… plus, the handle hangs easily and securely on the side of my caddy.

So, In Closing…

If you scrub, get yourself a charming little scrub brush from the Walmart cleaning aisle!




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